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The Value of Drawing

Drawing with Colored Pencils

Drawing with Colored Pencils

“Drawing is pursuit. A mysterious journey through the shadow of time.  You never know what will emerge through the  veil that surrounds each one of us.  A strange light on a distant hill. A poetic verse.  A woman carrying a violin. It is the muse calling out. If you can see it and believe it, then you might just be able to reach out and touch it. Art is all about the touch.  The hands moving with the spirit creating an alchemy of form with color and line.” 


Drawing with Colored Pencils

Drawing with Colored Pencils

Drawing with Colored Pencils

Drawing with colored pencils has many delightful qualities.  It is simple and direct,  highly portable, making travel sketching a great companion on your next adventure.  The dazzling arrays of color allow for a full palette exploration.  The simple gestures in drawing open the world  around us to unexpected insights and encounters.  The intimacy of this medium allows for moments of quiet observation or wildly expressive escapes of the imagination. 


Teaching Drawing

Drawing with Colored Pencils

Teaching Drawing

Everyone can enjoy the deep pleasure of drawing and sketching.  Experience is not a prerequisite.  With instruction you will learn about the materials available and how each differs from the other.  Basic concepts of design and expression are discussed. The central core is  to learn to love the medium for its own sake.  To be able to escape in a delicate and personal way to the path of your own understanding.


Roderick Smith is a BFA graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and has studied at the Art Students League and The National Academy of Design in New York and at  Instituto Allende in San Miguel, Mexico.   He has taught in Los Angeles for the past six years working with "artworxla " a nonprofit  educational program.  



Drawing workshops can be arranged for special events with all materials provided in a variety of mediums.


Private lessons are available at prearranged meeting places and at the studio of the artist.

PRICE (includes all materials)

Large group lessons  are 40.00 each for groups of six or more .

Smaller groups lessons are 45.00 each

Private session is 75.00 for two hour workshop.


Drawing Workshop for two at the Huntington Library 60.00 each admission to the garden included. 


The Huntington Library

1151 Oxford Road

San Marino, CA  91108

Sketching in Italy

Portfolio of pencil sketches through ten cities in Italy in October 2018.